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For me to visit Russia (which has happened a few times) I have to list all places I’d been in the last 5 years, with dates, including multiple entries. My job for the last 8 years has involved about 80% foreign travel, and I’ve probably been to 100 countries in that time, and while I have stamps for some countries, a lot of European countries don’t stamp, and if it’s a reentry quite often they don’t either. It took like 3 days to complete and I guessed about half of it. When I got to the border the first time I got taken in a room and questioned for hours, shouted at, told I wasn’t going to be allowed in and that. Would be arrested, but I was eventually for some reason let in. Second time I put 100 dollars in my passport, it disappeared and I went in straight away. I don’t like the Russian visa process.

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Alexa Chung is a strange addition. I'm completely in agreement but I didn't see that coming

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Er, some of these are not exactly crimes. If I pay 3k for my ticket and I'm not being a dick then I think asking for a diet coke, asking what you have drinks wise, asking about connecting flights and asking to move seats are all perfectly reasonable

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American Airlines is hilariously bad at this

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Got him