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HarrietBeadle6 karma

Ok that’s good. The anxiety you feel might be a normal reaction to feeling (understandably) stressed your whole life about this. I hope you can find a therapist who is more helpful. I know sometimes it takes trying several to find one that’s helpful for a particular situation. Anyway you are strong and brave and smart to have dealt with this your whole life so well. You’ll do well as an adult!

HarrietBeadle5 karma

My husband is vegan, and I was vegetarian for many years. One thing for vegans is danger of being low in some vitamins like the B vitamins and vitamin D. (B12 in particular) And I read your comments about anxiety and depression and I wonder if vitamin/mineral balance could be helpful. Do you take supplements, or are vitamin D and b12 in your supplements? And wondering if you have regular blood work not just for the PKU protein thing but also for vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may be exacerbated by the diet.