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The time to offer a discount for ipv6 addresses was years ago, not after v4 ran out. What institutional hurdles prevented a more proactive approach to getting people to move to ipv6?

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That's not really how the ride works, it's in some sort of safety-mode where it just parks in a neutral position.

The actual ride leans forward, focuses on a prop element as the cart moves under it, then moves quickly forward to the next. It's a wildly different experience than the video shows.

Still neat to see how weird the lift-arm looks though. And it's so freaking tall!

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That's not a useful metric - the way ipv6 is provisioned out there's far fewer than 264 networks. The smallest allocation is generally a /48, and all of them are out of a single 2000::/3 block, meaning 35 trillion available. That seems like a lot, except nearly every allocation will be less than 1% used. A typical /48 may have a dozen used subnets out of the 65,000 available, and no /32 allocation will have anything close to 4 billion. So while the theoretical address space is huge, practically it's a lot smaller.

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Great! I hope to try it soon.

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Butterbeer or Lafew's Brew?