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Thank you for the question.

Honestly, not sure! There are many discussion about advantage and disadvantages but I felt pretty good up to 6476m.

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Thank you for the question.

  1. Because it’s my childhood dream. I grew up in Nepal looking Himalays everyday, read about Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in my school text books. I didn’t get time when I was serving in army the Army. But I want climb to Inspire others, make awareness of disability and want to change the narrative around us and give back to my birth place by helping people with disability.

But also I believe that human life is much more important than just surviving, so I want to make some difference.

  1. Yes, I had many and still do have now which is massive distraction but I try to focus on my goals, ignore all the negatives, around with positive people but fight through if they come in my way like Nepal banner double amputees and blinds from climbing mountains. We went to UN and Supreme Court in Nepal and overturned the rule.

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Weirdly, the most of the time, I still dream running around with my legs 😂😂😂

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Thank you for the a lot of questions;

  1. I went school beer foot walking about 45 minutes each way. I learnt to write on wooden plank with chalk stone. My favourite subject was math.

  2. Mirul, Rolpa in Nepal. It’s very remote. We had to go to miles to get water from small stream, used to take two weeks to get salt from neighbouring district Dang. Fortunately, now they don’t have to travel that far. I could see hills, mountains animals and jungle. I didn’t like the hardship, not much future even now but I like the kindness & helpfulness of the people in the village.

  3. It’s Moist uprising against the government. More than 17000 people were killed during 10 years. There were 19 people killed in my village when I left. Luckily, we have peace now.

  4. I joined because my father asked me because he always wanted to join he couldn’t because he was just one son. If son dies inheritance is distributed to nephews, so his parents didn’t let him join. Our father always used to tell us that one of you must join the army. We are three brothers and I’m the oldest one. He also used say us that British Army is too tough join Indian Army, if not join Nepalese Army. But most of remote villages in Nepal, we follow our parent’s dream than our own. I also seen few students from school who joined, we normally follow what we see. As being a Nepalese boy we can join four different armies. British, Singapore, Indian and Nepalese Army. It’s pretty much culturally best thing to do joining the British Army and pretty much every boys dream.

  5. In Nepal, our surname is our caste. There are many tribes in Nepal and we all speak different languages and ear different costumes. My caste/tribe is Magar and sub-caste is Budha, so I am Budha Magar. This is very big question and I can’t answer typing here but some of the things I don’t know myself, so I apologise. If you are interested, please DM me I will sign post to you with right people. Please don’t write something not fact because this is very sensitive subject.

  6. I suggest you to google about Gurkhas, you can able too find all the information. In short Gurkhas are men from Nepal and joined the British Army, we are a part of British Army since 1805.

  7. I am a Buddhist but parents and wife are Hindu. But I don’t practice my religion much, I believe in science and hard-work. But I respect all the religions but don’t like some people manipulate the religion to use for their interest.

  8. It’s pretty much different planet. The system, culture, people, education, infrastructure, food etc.

  9. Not many because it’s very cold. I have seen a lot of mountain goats and yaks. If you are lucky, you can see mountain leopard.

I hope I have answered the most of your questions.

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Absolutely not, I think I am much more happier than I had legs. The best thing after losing my legs was I was able to recognise who I am. I believe happiness doesn’t come from having a lot of money, power, fame or having legs, it’s all about the way you perceive yourself. It’s all about the way we think ourself. No one is perfect, I wasn’t perfect before, not now and won’t be tomorrow, so if we are not happy it better to change the way we think.