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How do you feel about the cats that are used as an incubation machine for yours? Do you have any info on the logistics behind that part of it?

I wanted to clone my dog, but I had an ethical problem with the thought of a mama dog being kept in a cage just to be the incubator for lots of cloned embryos. What are your thoughts on the matter? Have you looked into this with the people that did it at all?

Best wishes and I’m glad your kitten is healthy. :)

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Yes to John. The more my husband listens to me/is influenced by me, the more I want to please him. It’s an interesting feedback cycle

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Don't go. Seriously. If you can spend your whole life without going into a casino, you'll be all the better for it. I guess I'm biased. Used to go on casino holidays til we saw all the people being ruined by it there. Once you go enough, you can pick the degenerates out on sight, even if you've never met them before, and it's depressing and sad as hell. I've seen people lose everything. :/

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And there are women like you. You should be dating one. This person is never going to change. You’re dealing with an introvert versus an extrovert. That’s like oil and water - not going to mix for long. Good luck. -signed, a married woman who is like you

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My son has taken to naming internal organs - it started when one internal organ was acting up but now they all have similarly-named names: Bart (heart), Oliver (liver), Brian (brain), Colin (colon), Jung (lungs), etc. <3