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HardekAilawadi352 karma

Hello. How can one stop procrastinating, especially if I procrastinate by browsing the internet?

Edit: Aimlessly browsing the internet-kinda addicted to my PC?

HardekAilawadi133 karma

How can one improve focus and stop one's mind from wandering? (Especially while working or studying)

HardekAilawadi70 karma

There are some days when I am away from any distractions, yet I get so little progress than my potential. Why does it happen and how can I make my day more productive?

HardekAilawadi17 karma

How can I stop myself from giving in to urges- to check my phone or social media or email and the likes?

HardekAilawadi3 karma

Thank you. Looking forward to your new book after reading your previous books.