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Rory would keep dying and coming back to life until Rip Hunter gets fed up and quits.

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What'd you do with the trash?

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And you have this unique experience in chucking it all and following your dream. This is a good promotional tool, but this thread feels nothing like a promotional AMA.

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I heard on the Breaking Bad Insider Podcast that there actually is a baby Holly. Well, six of them. Because apparently infant actors can only work for 6 minutes a day. So they needed as many as they could get, and scenes with baby Holly take a while, because these babies can work for six minutes.

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As a Georgian, Stacey Abrams being the first female president would be so incredible. I'm still mad that Kemp managed his own election, and was shady as shit while doing it, but let's hope that she has more luck in the new Georgia that votes!