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Traveling with her son, Braxxtyynn.

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Private security supervisor here. From what i've heard, armored is basically the absolute worst in our "world." Insane and inconsistent hours, ridiculous qualifications needed (in my state in the USA, you take the same courses/quals as police officers for armed-guard jobs,) and low pay considering all involved.

Would you consider my assessment of armored work accurate?

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Last one I applied for was actually as an investigator for the state lottery commission. I can't imagine what that actually entails, but they actually sent me a post card via snail mail thanking me for applying and telling me to re-apply when I hit two years' experience. (I kind of stumbled into this field and ended up loving it, and plan on applying for my PI license this summer once I hit two years as required by my state.)

Thanks for the reply!

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Damn, that's an incredible story. Thanks for the work you've done.

I'm in private security currently. No interest in being a cop, prison guard, etc, but would love to go into some type of investigative role with a state government or the fed. Any tips on making the transition? Skills to acquire, etc?