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How is the city functioning when the majority of people are staying home?

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Hey Bill! Happy father's day! You are so clean cut on the show, but your comedy routines are quite adult themed. What is the REAL bill Cosby like?

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I have difficulty seeing the humongous gaps between the richest and the poor being changed by allowing the richest to dictate the pay, work, hours, lives of the poor. Of course free market working in a world of sensible human beings, but this is earth. We can't rely on other people to be fair because they will see it as unfair. And if things become too unfair than revolts occur. My question to you is, how is a free marekt going to change the gap between the rich and the poor? If that gap doesn't change then we are headed back to basically a monarchy and revolts will have to occur. My second question if you have time is even though having no borders will increase the gdp, how is any of this money going to go to anyone but the rich, and why rely on the rich for charity when that will never be enough?