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I miss Feingold. Our state needs Feingold. Infact, all politicians need to be like Feingold. But Ron Johnson ran an ad that showed him in a factory. . .people here like ads with guys in factories I guess. I can't see any other reason he won.

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You are correct. As a resident of Janesville I can say Paul Ryan has done nothing for our district. He "tried" to save GM (actually he just made a few speeches and a few photo ops then blamed the closing on Obama), photo ops and a speech during the Seik Temple memorial. . .the list goes on. He is too busy trying to climb the political ladder and pass his own budgets than worry about representing us. It makes me angry how many Romney/Ryan signs I see in the yards of my middle class neighborhood. Most of these people are families that took the buy out option from GM and moved on. What has Paul Ryan done for them?

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Are potential buyers told beforehand of the amount of back taxes owed? And are these back taxes required to be paid before the buyer can actually "own" the home?

I have seen video and pictures of these houses. The unforunate thing is that most of these houses are older houses that have so much character. It's a shame that entire neighborhoods of these once beautiful homes are in a state off such disrepair.