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Hello! Sorry if this may be a dumb question but genuinely curious, if the COVID strain evolves further in the future, will this affect the developed vaccine?

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Is it understandable to report or ask for help years after one's assault or did I already missed my chance?

(Context: happened when I was a child but didnt know it at that time)

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What made you specialize in anxiety and perfectionism?

Also thank you for doing this AMA, it's such an interesting read and I find myself understanding and gaining perspective.

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Hello! May I ask what's the most effective way to learn language? Is experience really the best teacher? What if I dont have the capacity to immerse myself in the culture of which speaks the language I would like to learn?

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Did you ever have a moment of weakness thinking that you made a mistake? If so, how did you manage to pick yourself up and continue doing what you're doing?