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Hannydarris7 karma

Love the hexagonal piece you made and the "glow paint" series you did. I'm definitely going to have to check out the rest of your work!

I'm currently in school for computer science but I've always felt called to astronomy and art, even though I've been feeling they're both a bit out of reach. I am trying to get into astrophotography but I am really just starting out.

Aside from checking out lonelyspeck.com, do you have any recommendations for how I can pursue my passion for astronomy and art and/or how I can zero-in on some sense of direction with that?

I'm not particularly passionate about computer science but I figure it could erase my college debt the fastest and most easily support me financially so that I can later pursue my passion. That being said, I would be ecstatic to find something that incorporates astronomy and programming.

I would love to talk more with you about how you have gotten to where you are now, the steps (deliberate or unintended) that led you here, and where you're going next. Feel free to PM me if you ever have the time, and thank you for doing this AMA.