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Hangry_Squirrel9 karma

John, there are hundreds (potentially thousands) of young women who have secured places and funding at foreign universities, but they can't apply for student visas or travel anywhere because they don't have passports.

Under these circumstances, which I think are well-known to everyone, a Taliban-issued passport would still be a lifeline for them and, in some cases, for their families. Even an expired passport would be something, but a lot don't have one at all and the situation feels desperate because there's currently no way for them to obtain a travel document.

I don't know what to do (I'm mentoring one of these girls) - it's hard to stay optimistic knowing our efforts may come to nothing if there's no way for her to enter another country.

Hangry_Squirrel3 karma

It would certainly be helpful if countries in the region agreed to issue student visas to women who have an acceptance letter and scholarship offer (or the ability to pay their fees) if they're able to prove their Afghan citizenship.

The problem is also that there aren't a lot of embassies open right now, so it would be a matter of working with Pakistan or Turkey to allow processing centers to open where applicants could be vetted and issued certain kinds of visas - either at their embassies or at the Pakistani border.