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That's super-related in most other places. What an interesting outlook. SO glad you got out.

Are there any other genetic issues in your family?

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My husband is soon going to be on the recipient organ list. What did your number 1 caretaker do that made your life easier or better? We're both feeling like we have NO idea what we are doing with the SDI paperwork and work notes and things, I feel like I should be doing more to help my husband.

Any advice to someone who made it through to those just starting? Thank you and happy recovery!

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Holy shit. You brave, brave soul. I totally admire you for getting yourself out of there. And bravo to those who helped.

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Thank you. We are also GREAT on the healthcare with our work plan, it is just the time off from work payments that I am stuck on due to the hospital stays and days off with the testing. So many tests.

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YES! We're new so we just met the support team Friday! THANK YOU for making me feel like I am not alone.