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My lowest low would have been when I first started getting the symptoms from PTSD. Id never been through anything like this before and I always thought PTSD was from seeing you buddies killed in war or mistakingly taking a life or something. I had no idea that when you do something completely justified you still can have symptoms. I would be at work and doubled over in pain from my head and neck hurting. It hurt so bad I thought I had a brain tumor or something and I was scared to death I was going to die. When I went to the doctor and they asked questions about it they told me it was classic symptoms of PTSD. It also hurt a lot that my company at the time backtracked on their offer to pay me for as much time off as needed when the therapist took me off work for 6 weeks. Also, the fact that my union was a no show and still hasn't reached out to offer support to this day.

My highest high would be the support of my friends and family. Them looking out after me and checking on me means the world to me and has helped me keep my head above water.

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Being involved in the news as long as you have, would you say times are better or worse than they were 25 years ago? Do you think the speed at which we get information about horrible events and the focus on bad vs good makes it seem as things are actually worse then they are really are?

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Possibly, but we don't carry tasers. I also had a very slim window to make a decision. When I first saw him swinging on them I thought he was punching them. It wasn't until the grandmother fell on the ground and I saw him swinging down on her that I noticed the knife. The whole incident took 9 seconds and he stabbed them 12 times between the two of them. He was swinging fast and hard. I knew the next swing could hit the neck, a major artery, the heart, etc... so I had to make the judgement then to pull my gun and fire as I couldn't live with letting him kill these ladies.

I fired one shot to the lower torso that I basically had a 1 second window of opportunity to make due to other people around him. I didn't shoot to kill, I shot to stop, and when he went down I got the weapon away from him. I honestly didn't think he was going to die, but it just so happened it hit a major artery and he bled out internally.

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I agree. Mental illness is what needs to be focused on. Interesting how murder rates are the lowest in 50 years in the U.S., yet video game playing is at an all time high. Blaming video games and/or movies shows that you have done little research or thought on what you are supporting.

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The security officers in my state definitely support the changes, but even though it's a federal contract, each contract is done by state so every state has different companies running them. I have no idea how to reach out and get in contact with all of these other state's officers. I'm sure many feel the same way though. I'm trying to figure out how to go about it. I've reached out to my local congressman, but have yet to hear back from him.

PTSD has a real stigma behind it. Like if you can't handle it you're lesser of a person or are weak. It's hard to shake that and get people behind you. My brother, who is in law enforcement, started a group on facebook to support people with PTSD, but it doesn't get a lot of attention. People are scared to talk about their feelings. It took me a year until I got to the point I would speak out about it to anyone other than my therapist. There's just this response to keep it bottled up inside. I didn't want attention. I just wanted it to go away, but I realized maybe my only hope of making something positive out of it was to speak up and gain it some attention.