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It has been clear from day one that Mr. Trump fails Hamilton’s test for the Presidency. He lacks qualifications, is a demagogue, and is under foreign influence. There are now critical questions regarding how orchestrated the Russia interfered to support Donald Trump has been.

We face an unusual scenario where Mr. Trump won the states that gave him a lead in the number of Electors by only 80,000 votes. This is such a slim margin that, in light of possible foreign interference, we believe the Electoral College is duty bound to activate its fail-safe function.

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The Constitution and Federalist 68 make it clear that Electors are to make a decision they believe is best for the country. State laws penalizing “Faithless” Electors are patently unconstitutional and we believe they will be found so soon by Federal Courts. Many of our country’s greatest legal minds are coming together to fight these laws.

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The Constitution has kept this country stable for over 200 years. I trust in it and the guidance our founding fathers left for us.

Our actions are Constitutional. Hamilton painted a character eerily similar to Donald Trump in Federalist 68. The immediate existential threat that Donald Trump poses our nation is greater than the speculation of what some may or may not do. The Constitution compels us to act.

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I have heard you all say that there is much more behind the scenes than you can discuss publicly. Does that mean that you are in talks with more Republican electors than Suprun?

Yes, we have had conversations with countless Republican electors. Many are very concerned about what Donald Trump will do to our country.

Many Republican Electors have voiced support for Gov. Kasich as someone they would consider as an alternative to Donald Trump.

This is why we are launching #DraftKasich. Gov. Kasich is a man with the integrity and experience that we believe Republican Electors will rally around.

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Some of the most important changes our country has ever gone through have been preceded by many people stating “You can’t possibly do it.” The more people turn out in support the greater chance we will have. #VigilsForAmerica