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That’s bold going back!

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As an owner operator, how do you feel about companies such as Convoy who are trying to Uber-ize trucking?

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Bro, do you even enhance?

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I’ll answer this as an American. Yes, as a Sikh you’ll probably experience more racism than an average south Asian man (most Americans will assume you’re Muslim). But the amount of racism will vary depending upon where you are and what you do. Urban areas will generally be more accepting.

Trucking, especially long-haul trucking has a mixed reputation. In the 50-60s they were considered ‘knights of the road’ and would regularly stop for stranded motorists etc. In the last 30 years or so this has shifted to the image of a ‘dirty trucker.’

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Yeah, but OP just mentioned medications for transitioning, not reassignment surgery, and that the non-deployable period is the same regardless of medication. So, like a blood pressure medication, anti-depressant, SSRI, anti-inflammatories.

And it’s only 3 months. Not sure with such a small population of individuals that this is affecting operational efficiency