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Hakunin_Fallout56 karma

I'm not fighting, I had to take my family to the safety first, so we moved south-west. Now I'm considering joining the local 'territorial defence' forces, but from what I've heard both here and in Kyiv there's just too many volunteers for them to handle.

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Also, naturally, if more proof is needed - I can send my passport or something to the mods. Not sure that helps...

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Currently it's the 'general mobilization', so anyone CAN be drafted. So far, there's enough of people with the experience (reservists/ operative reservists) and volunteers that this seems hardly to be necessary. That being said, adult males cannot leave the country - which, I think, is fair.

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I've heard this message from the military command today, they asked the Red Cross to assist in picking up the dead bodies of Russian soldiers.

That - or any take on that - could be nice. The Russians do not report any casualties locally and deny outright the mere fact of bombing our cities.

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I haven't seen that. I've seen the video you are probably referring to - two dudes trying to flee on the highway, with kids and a woman in the back, getting shot at. That seems to be fairly rare for now, but the occupied locations aren't really well-covered by journalism or anything.