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I've always been impressed by the technology of Germany in those years. What did they do so well back then that made so many men and women become adept at math, science, and technology?

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My fave is the thing where you're the lone diner in a huge room in a skyscraper hotel with just your group there, and they put food on every table then dispose of it. Like WTF you know an empty hotel when you actually have traveled.

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I have a problem of sleeping all day and night if I don't have stimulants. I always run out and my Doctor never prescribes more. Is it unhealthy for me to sleep 22 hrs a day for a week or so each month?

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Lack of sunlight UV must be something that contributes to disease and illness for these animals who never get to roam free. Why don't these producers see any benefit to letting them run outside? Wouldn't it reduce germs and add vitamins for better quality "product"?

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I love this article about capes coming back in fashion. are any of these your work? http://starlightreflex.hubpages.com/hub/Case-for-Resurgence-of-the-Cape-in-Modern-Fashion