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Out of the four ending scenarios which one do you think is the most likely?

A a violent suppression by the state, the bill goes forth as wished by the government.

B the government accepts the will of the people

C as weeks go on people grow weary and stop showing up, the story dies out slowly

D a violent revolution by the people

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Hey I really enjoy watching your content! I wanted to ask do you know and watch Liziqi's channel? She is a bit similar for doing everything by hand like shearing sheep then colouring it and creating a cloak by hand https://youtu.be/DfKPw5RzxSU but different for using way more modern technology. I always imagine a crossover episode between you two. Together you could rule a city.

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I do the nose thing, I learned lucid dreaming to break out of a night are stream. I had nightmares every day for 2 months and this was suggested to me and it actually worked.

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Are you using the reality check method, and if so what reality check do you use?

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Why did building 7 collapse?