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Haeenki2 karma

I spent a lot of time on a farm as a kid in the mid to late 90s in central Europe. On a scientific level what will have changed in procedures and the way things are done since then? Glyphosate is a big point but it seems like on the field it's become a much more scientific and exact process in the last 20 years.

Haeenki1 karma

Yeah it makes sense, with rising land prices lots of farmers are selling it all off to basically become rich. And other farms are growing because of it. These days a 500 series Fendt is about the smallest tractor you'll find on a field which for the US would be small but with our roads and farms being in villages they're already quite large. But the answer I'm looking for more is for example with slurry in the good old days it just got splashed over the whole field to form a thick crust, these days I see a lut of slurry tanks with arms leaving small trails of slurry over the field. Why is that? How does the science behind it work? etc