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Hades8998 karma

Inspiring story, and I hope your success continues.

My question/comments ultimately revolve around what it takes to step over the line and take the plunge. I suppose it starts with the idea, formed around a particular love for an industry or product.

Right now I feel like I'm at a crossroads, whereby I can either continue with the Monday to Friday, 9-5 (well, more like Monday to Saturday, 8-6) life, working to fulfil somebody elses ambitions (although I do like the industry, and it's very secure, potentially very well paid work); or go my own way.

I'm 28 in two weeks, and feel like I'm approaching the "now or never" point in my life. I've discovered that money isn't everything, but I'm not jumping out of bed in the morning and eagerly racing off to work, if you understand me.

I chose an "academic" route throughout education - what I thought I should do, rather than what I truly wanted to do - but now the yearning for a more creative pursuit is almost overwhelming, and every spare moment I have, I'm racking my brain for a way out; for a business I can put my own stamp on.

So how do you do it? What mental barriers did you have to overcome (if any) to make the decision? My father did it at the age of 50, and until now, I didn't really appreciate the balls it takes to step away from the security of a regular job and give it a shot.