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As we know from some others

this question does get asked a few times

Is Kenshi a moon, or a planet?

and who revolves around who

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thank you captain =^.^=

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If Tom Wheelers idea of internet rules get passed. ( aka a paid fast and slow lane ) isn't that a conflict of interests since he used to lobby for the same companies he is supposed to regulate??

Can he be sued by the people for this? ( if it passes ) because it sounds like he is gonna make money if he passes his idea on internet rules.

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It would take them fundamentally much much longer to do the sequal if they changed to a new engine.

they would have to learn how it works, and then change all the assets over to the new engine. this could take a very long time. and thats if it was even compatible with whats currently in game. many off the shelf Engines do not support landmasses as large as Kenshi has.

there are financial reasons as well. using same engine but upgrading parts is far cheaper and lets them get the next one out quickly. and allows them to be able to port upgrades to Kenshi 1 on top that.

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This net neutrality has been the one thing to has gotten me active in the political scene and spreading as much info around as possible. Will all this hard work be on deaf ears because on Tom Wheelers past interests in the cable companies? Wouldnt that be a conflict of interest with the cable companies trying to get him to pass a version where they can make even more money?

Last one, Would Tom Wheeler be investigated for breach of the conflict of interests that force members of our government who are supposed to not vote on something because they have a vested monetary interest?

Thank you FFTF