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How has the DOJ's civil rights work/focus changed since the start of the current Presidential administration, and particularly since William Barr's confirmation as Attorney General?

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Thanks a ton for your response Katie! Really appreciate all the work you and the newsroom do!

Also love the new Weekly show on Hulu!

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What are some cutting-edge and groundbreaking green policy ideas currently being enacted at the state and local level in the U.S., and what are some policies in place in other countries that we can look to for inspiration here?

Just want to note that the book Climate of Hope, by Michael Bloomberg and former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope, was very enlightening as to the tremendous steps being taken at the city-level in this country, and gave me cause for hope even with a federal administration doing everything it can to prevent progress in what I feel is the most pressing existential threat facing the U.S. and the world today.

Also, as I said in the last one of these AMA's, really appreciate all the work NYT does keeping the American citizenry informed, and love watching the Weekly on Hulu!

Also COME ON YOU SPURS I love your twitter man hope you're not too stressed during F5 season

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This is the crack political analysis I come here for. Lucas would be MAGA tbh.

Great recent cover article by Economist on Jair Bolsonaro's Amazon policies here