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"Make this look cool!" That's the dream :D Also it really fits with the whole vibe of supernatural as a show, very cool to hear^^

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I wanna piggyback here ^^ (also totally agreeing with Houdini being the future).

What renderer do you use, and if going to Houdini, do you use it for FX exclusively and get your stuff back to Maya for rendering etc?

And have you thought about using Houdini for modeling? I still find it pretty cumbersome (being used to Maya and C4D), but the possiblity to go back to every node, and make changes is quite amazing :D

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Hey guys, first of huuuge thanks for taking time to answer our questions in this AMA :). It's very appreciated!

So I got a couple of questions^^ (Not gonna lie, I made a list in preparation, sorry if it's too long :p)

Deadlines: So I've been working on Commercials, TV shows as well as Films, and have to say that I find TV deadlines the most punishing.

How do you deal with those tight TV deadlines, do you ever feel unsatisfied with the end result, even if approved by the client?

Do you ever have to sacrifice Quality for Quantity?

Pipeline: Bascially what software packages do you use? All out of box, or is there a lot of customized Pipeline? Any plug-ins, gizmos, scripts you could not / would not

want to work without?

Do you have dedicated Pipeline or even Comp TDs? Is there a big, or at least some focus on improving your pipeline with custom scripts/Plug-ins?

I like programming, and got started by writing workflow tools for AE, but ususally it's:"Cool scripts, but you have to work on shots, no time for scripting." ...

VFX Sup: I guess you got VFX or even Comp sups, how much supervising vs how much actual comping/working is there? What would you say makes a good vfx sup, what are the most important qualities?

And finally it would be really interesting to know what your most difficult, as well as what your alltime favourite vfx shots or effects were on the show.


Again thank you very much for your time, you seem like a very nice bunch of guys :) also I've been a long time fan :p

King regards


PS: Awesome showreels, all of you, that looks like so much fun to work on :D

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Oh I've seen the underwater shot, that really looked like a fun Nuke project :) (also a great shot), do you use a lot of deep comping, or only in some special cases (cause overhead)?

Thanks for your quick reply, very interesting!

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Also thank you for your quick reply, again very interesting!

Your deadline answer rings sooo true :D

Which software do you use for 3D tracking? Also do you have dedicated matchmoving artists, or is it part of 3D?