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What does your average work day look like (aside from presumably at least one failed attempt to talk some sense into Mr. Pai)? Any funny stories you can share with us that don't violate any privacy clauses or similar?

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So about the same as most people, then, just with more FCC. Thanks for the answer, it's always nice to see reminders that the people in charge are human too. Here's hoping you can get the heat sorted out before too long!

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A couple quick requests related to this, from my experience modding Civ 6: clear documentation of the structure of your XML files, and a bit of flexibility with what numbers can be adjusted, would make modding much more accessible, as well as more open-ended. Having to constantly refer to player-made resources to make sure my formatting is correct is a pain, and a fair few of my ideas for Civ 6 were blocked by the fact that you can't specify how many Builder charges an Improvement uses, for example. The more things tweakable in the files, the better!

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And I'd be happy to check it out. I'll send you a PM sometime later today.

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Yeah, this is a pretty solid justification (although "a month or two" sets off alarm bells, personally), the issue is that it doesn't take the fact that the boxes feel like gambling, and can lead to the same problems, into account. I'm glad there's someone else out there who realises that just lumping loot boxes in with existing gambling laws is likely to cause more harm than good, it often feels like most people don't think about the complexities of the issue. It definitely needs to be regulated, but we need to do it right or we could accidentally nuke the game industry.