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Given the fact that most colleges and universities will still be forced to offer courses online in the fall of 2020, this will prompt people to drop out, delay or otherwise choose an alternative plan (community college, self-education, etc.) will we see an education bubble burst?

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You have a great story. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your accomplishments. Do you know the identity or fate of the other children or woman in the shared photo?

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Serious question: Hypothetically, if science could allow for us to predict a massive volcanic eruption one year in advance would it do any good try and engineer a series of canyons to contain and direct the flow of lava to minimize damage to communities in the area or would that just be re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

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Very cool...is costuming a program to help you prepare for theater/film/television or does it have other applications that most people would not consider?

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What is the scientific consensus on Ice Cube's pyroclastic flow?