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Your book's promotional material mentions, "The dealers, the shooters, the gangsters and the paedophiles; they need to fall by any means." Is supply-side throttling the best way to counter drug-addiction in communities? What about the legalisation or drugs and some public health options to help people deal with addiction and/or emotional problems?

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As a police officer, when you look at gun ownership law in the United States, do you think that this ultimately helps people defend themselves against threats or does it create a more dangerous environment? If you lived in the US as a civilian, do you think you would purchase a gun for the protection of yourself or loved ones?

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If Don Lewis is alive, where is he most likely living?

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Did you ever need to work with another country's police force or engage Interpol? Did you find the process efficient or was it fraught with bureaucratic fiction? What would you do to change it, if anything?

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Given the fact that most colleges and universities will still be forced to offer courses online in the fall of 2020, this will prompt people to drop out, delay or otherwise choose an alternative plan (community college, self-education, etc.) will we see an education bubble burst?