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As a theologian, how do you reconcile the evolution of Christianity and the multitude of variations within the faith which have contradicted each other over the centuries?

When I read the Old Testament I see God as an evil being which uses violence, advocates rape, slavery and genocide, etc. For example in Exodus God murders every first born son of Egypt.

How is this compatible with the New Testament and the concept of a loving God? Surely a loving being doesn't murder people when a less violent solution is obviously present? These two parts of the Bible don't seem to line up very well in a cohesive theology.

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That sounds pretty damn illegal. The biggest problem is that these girls aren't fighting them. This is clearly a rape situation with lots of coercion and the use of drugs. Hopefully this all blows up, OP is already pretty fucked up from the situation so she really has nothing to lose by taking them down.

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I found that question really odd. Putin is still an authoritarian.

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To say small part is an understatement.

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It's pretty obvious from the OP. She was offered alcohol, which is a drug and they also offered to smoke with her. Could be weed, cigs, or something else. Either way all of those contain drugs which could lower inhibitions.