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HCoffeeBean35 karma

Hello Laurence. 2 Questions: 1) How do you get the zebrafish to smoke cigarettes (or more accurately, how do you expose them to cigarette smoke)? and 2) Why zebrafish in particular? Wouldn't an animal with lung tissue similar to human lung tissue be more likely to share our characteristics?

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There is a lot of concern about air pollution - which can be a particularly bad irritation for asthma sufferers. Do you have any intention of extending your studies with zebra fish to include the effects of air pollution, particularly the forms that we find in our cities?

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A recent study showed a link between specific gut bacteria and MS (which I think is an autoimmune disease). Are you able to study the role of gut bacteria in other autoimmune diseases using zebra fish?

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How do you know that the zebrafish larvae do not feel pain?