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If DBrand started making skins to cover your body, what color would you choose and why?


I've read somewhere that music memory is stored in a different area of the brain from actual everyday memory. Do you play any instruments and do you remember how to play? If not, have you ever tried this?

EDIT: I read that you play the piano. I just want to share my experience as a pianist. When I'm actually playing a piece, I don't think consciously about every note but rather subconsciously. If I play the piece enough, I'll remember the piece without any forced memorization. I believe the same thing happens to you and music memory is possibly not relayed through the hippocampus which is responsible for making short term memory into long term memory (fun fact - the hippocampi look like seahorses). Do certain notes make you feel certain feelings? It's a long stretch but it'd be interesting if you somehow linked music memory to things you already know to help you "remember" stuff.