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So you actually tried it ?

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So gay isn't their thing but BDSM is.

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You can unsubscribe from Netflix and it affects only you, you can't unsubscribe from HTML5 and it affects everyone.

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Some of the Turks living in Germany have failed to integrate. After all these years spent in Germany some Turks still can't speak a word of German, they are trying to lead a life style more suitable to rural Turkey, not the metropolitans of Germany. Those type of people are few in numbers but reflect very badly on all the other Turks. In the least they cause some raised eyebrows by the Germans, and much worse when one extreme meets another.

I'm Turkish but I don't speak much German (trying though). Whenever I go to Germany I speak English and rarely come across a German who doesn't speak it also. When a person does not speak English in Germany it is 90% chance that he is a Turk :) so I am covered both ways.

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Bauhaus has them. They are used as respirators in paint booths. Also military surplus stores.

Erdogan has met with people he picked himself. Among them are his own daughter and the daughter of the man responsible for the demolition of Emek Cinema, another historical landmark. (source)