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GwenMiller797 karma

How difficult was it to to train Piper to use the goggles on a regular basis? I just have to say I think Piper is amazing! I have two dogs myself here in Grand Rapids and I love knowing we have a canine hero in my favorite town in the state:)

GwenMiller795 karma

Quite honestly we need more of these feel good stories to focus on the positive! I bet you Ellen will be looking to meet you and Piper next!:)

GwenMiller792 karma

Haha, YET! One more question! Who did the video footage of Piper on the runway, chasing birds etc.. I am sure you had a photographer for some of the great shots and I am sure you took some as well? .. I am always trying to get great moments captured with my pups , they are impossibility stubborn tho!

GwenMiller792 karma

What a lucky dog to be living such a rewarding life, and how lucky for you be his owner/ trainer and have such an amazing job:) This is my favorite story of the year!

GwenMiller792 karma

Would love to meet Piper some day! Does he ever get to go for plane rides? Does he get a salary? Lol