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GuyaneseGanjaGangsta20 karma

Thanks for doing this. As someone who lives outside of Ukraine and in the U.S. it is always very hard for us to understand what is actually going on over there. What we here and see may not be the truth/ the whole truth which can be very misleading. My question is with the turmoil and all that is happening what do you think will happen next. I know I am asking you to speculate but being on the ground with activism and being heavily involved in the world markets as a portfolio manager I think you are in a relatively good position to make a small judgement on what you think the next step is on this whole situation and how it will proceed. I.E do you see this ending with bullets flying, or do you see this ending without bullets and simply cutting Russia off economically at the knees and starting a battle of starvation between Russia and Ukraine and Germany and the rest of Europe. Everyone is so economically tied together that shutting dow trade and pipelines would have nasty results. Im afraid it will be a battle of who will last longer starving its people and im hoping Putin isn't as crazy as I think he is. What is your take?