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what would you say is the best thing that someone could do to help the homeless population around us? i would love to help more but have a hard time finding what i can do to help.

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while i don't want to bring in politics, whats something in your experience, that is important to always keep in the back of our head as we move further into the future, to make sure past atrocities do not happen again?

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follow up question: i know there are a lot of places that have rules against commercial food chains and stores that makes it illegal for them to give the surplus they have of food at the end of the day to homeless shelters. it bothers me that they are forced to throw it out in the dumpster instead. is there anything we can do together to push a change in law intros, and promote food chains and stores to work with shelters to provide food?

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thank you for the answer! definitely some great words to live by. have a great day i hope all is well!

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wait... so after your doctor told you that your kidneys were functioning at 15% you were still drinking heavily?