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How can someone invest in asteroid mining today?

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Thanks for getting back to me on this! I am looking forward to casting a series of voice over actors for a web series next winter and want to get as much information as I can before wading into the deep end.

Besides your website (which I am perusing now) are there any other resources you would suggest becoming familiar with to prepare myself to plan a recording session / book a recording studio / handle the situation professionally in a way that facilitates actors doing their best work, and allows technicians and myself to meet our needs.

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How much time goes into voice recording for, say an hour long program? That is to say, for the typical actor how long do they actually spend in the studio doing takes to get a whole hour long program's dialogue recorded?

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I am curious... how long did you write movies before you started to be able to call it a career? Or... how long was it from the first time you started writing creatively and seriously to when you could depend on it as a way to pay your bills.