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How do you refer to your fingers (besides your thumb); middle finger and pinky?

What will you do when you need to have fingerprints taken and they ask you to make a print of your index finger? :)

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Change your ringtone to you screaming "I LOVE YOU TB", hide it somewhere as close as possible to her mic, and call during the podcast.

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Can you give a favorite word or expression for each language? Maybe something you have found to be unique to that language.

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Hey Ryan, why do you carry an umbrella?

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  • I've read that cultured chicken meat is harder to produce than beef for example, why is that?
  • I've also read that the cultured beef was white, and had to be coloured with beet juice to make it look more appealing, do you know how this will be fixed and how hard that will be?
  • Where does the mass of the meat come from? When cultured meat is produced in much larger quantities, I imagine it needs to 'grow' from some kind of 'food', because you can't make something from nothing, what do you think this 'food' will be?

Sorry if the answers to these are already available in some paper, I bet they are, but I'm lazy :). Also super proud that this all originated in my home town btw.