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Every slave I know is a strong, capable person, able to stand up for themselves and make their own choices.

Speaking as someone who helps organize the local BDSM community, I have to say, there are a lot of submissive who are looking for a Dom for all of the wrong reasons, and Doms who mean well that get into serious play with a sub who they think is a strong, capable person, but isn't. Everyone has baggage. We don't have any full time, Master/slave relationships in our community, but I gotta say - most people who want to take power exchange to an extreme extent mortify me. Subs who think they need a Dom to feel safe, or lose weight, or whatever. Someone else should not be responsible for you at that level. Their intentions are good, but is that enough?

But hey, their kink is not my kink. What do I know? SSC RACK and all that, right? There is a world of people that can't understand masochists, or how pain feels good. How can I ridicule someone who wants to lose their sense of time, their sense of self, and be used as a fucktoy when I want to be beat to a snot on a regular basis.

EDIT: Obviously most (and by most I mean practically all) Master/slave relationships are not anything like the OP, and in the context she put it in, I would call it abuse as well. But Re: Caspian32's post, yes, ideally people involved in BDSM are strong, capable people who are able to stand up for themselves and make their own choices, and god damn a fuck lot of them are, and it's awesome, but a fuck lot of them aren't as well. That said, I think the community I'm involved with is very diffferent than Caspian32's community.