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Would it be fair to say there has been a general decline in the quality and morality and of the british media over the last forty years? If you agree or disagree, why?

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Take 100 picures in a burst of a famous person leaving a club. Select the ones in which you've caught them mid-blink. Print article about said famous person and heavily imply they're completely drunk.

For the British press, this is absolutely standard practise.

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I was pretty rude to a Canadian in 1997. Several times, actually. Mike. Could you pass on my apologies, I still feel bad about it.

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Thanks. He was a nice guy, and I was an egotistical maniac that briefly became his boss. Dude just wanted to mix drinks and make friends.

As ridiculous as it might seem, this is strangely cathartic.

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'Drinking the face of God' - very good, I enjoyed that :)