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Well, I guess I hadn't thought of it that way. That's actually a good question because obviously I wouldn't support that at all. Can I be the first politician ever to say, I don't know? You know there thing is, we all just need to be nicer to each other. That would go along way towards fixing this country. Sorry, it's the best response I can give right now.

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I think the states should have the right to do so. And I also think they probably should. Legalization of marijuana is not going to do damage to this country. Young people can have their lives ruined over a few flakes of marijuana in their cars. We also spend billions of dollars fighting this and so far it doesn't appear to be having any affect at all.

That said I personally don't use it.

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nay. I think it's a clear violation of the constitution. Beyond that I think it's probably a waste of money. It's almost impossible to do predictive analysis on terabytes of data. What they end up with is pattern matching. They would probably catch anyone searching terms related to the Boston marathon bombing, but it's not possible to parse that much data for an emerging pattern. This not only wastes money I believe it gives us a false sense of security.

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I would.

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I am wearing down.
I really appreciate how thoughtful and nice everyone was. I hope I answered your questions fully. If you desire I can try to do this again in a week or two. Apologies for bailing but it's been a long day.

I will try to revisit this tomorrow and answer any questions remaining.