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I've actually have been hoping you were going to do one of these! I have a lot of questions for you!

  1. Do you think you have become an inspiration to many young Armenian and Armenian-Americans

  2. What type of influence did the Armenian Culture have in your career.

  3. What is the greatest thing you experienced when you visited Armenia?

  4. Do you like khorovats? And if you do, how does it compare to most American Foods!

You are a huge inspiration for me! I hope I can do great things as an Armenian just like you!

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I too am curious what the break down of your spending is. What %goes to what, I understand you pay yourself 35,000, but if you are writing off travel expenses, hotel expenses, food expenses, then thats all something you should include. So I am curious what the actually breakdown is.

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I am actually curious whether or not you think it should be deemed as a human right. It might be hard for you to take a hard stance in your position, but if you can’t take a hard stance, I’d love to know what some of the reasons are that would make hesitant to deem it a human right. And thank you for fighting the good and honorable battle!

And as a side question, with the rise of AI and the progression in natural language abilities of computer, what sort of tactics can be used to filter through real humans and machines?

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I completely agree, I think that would be the best thing to do. I think one of the biggest deciding factors for donating to a charity is how the money is being used. It makes me even more skeptical since she has avoided the question in this AMA. I feel like someone so true to their cause would have no problem laying down the numbers if all it will do is increase support for the campaign. The only time providing the numbers becomes an issue is when they aren’t what the people would want to see.

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I completely agree