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fucking things and being stubborn idiot, welcome to manhood buddy!

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That's... a surprisingly reasonable excuse.

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I seriously doubt anything they're doing can't be automated. I mean, if we can automate driving, then I don't understand how we can't automate other problem solving. You're problem solving all the time while driving... 'dont hit this', 'veer left slightly to avoid obstacle', 'begin stopping to slow down in time for traffic', 'yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians', etc etc etc. All of that is literally already automated, how could any other problems not be susceptible to automation?

Unloading/loading? You don't need a driver for that, just humans at the endpoint or starting point to load the truck (this can easily be automated at this point as well, we have fully autonomous factories).

Filling up/recharging battery? Once again, no need for a driver. The automated truck can pull up and park, then wait for an attendant.

Troubleshooting issues with the truck on the road? They'll all be network connected and relay any problems back to their main hub. If something comes up they'll send a repair crew out. No need for a driver once again.

So, I don't know man, since we can already fully automate the driving process, why are people so sure we can't do everything else?

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First off, are you a fellow Savant fan!? I heard you drop one of his songs (Starfish) at your show and I went insane! Thanks for that!

Also, I often hear a lot of similarities when comparing your music to that of other artists like Seven Lions, Au5, etc. A lot of great work with super saws and big, full sounding drops. Are you influenced by any of them or anyone in particular?

Thanks again and keep up the great work, can't wait to see you live again!