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Do you feel pressure from outside to change the way you live? Like local government messing with you or even bigger government? I've heard stories about people trying to go out and live on their own like this, but for some reason someone is always trying to make it harder for them.

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Why do you feel that this underwater experiment thing is different than submarines?

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How are you today Mr. Gates?

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How are you on reddit if there is no electricity?

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How can we stop the mobile game industry from stealing the attention of beloved console/pc gaming producers? Think Blizzard or Bethesda. I personally believe it's a waste of their time and efforts to be doing anything in mobile when they could just stop being greedy and focus back on the art, creativity, and genuine fun these companies used to provide.

Also, is it even possible to make a full real mobile game, that a PC gamer can enjoy, that isn't just full of microtransactions and grind feats?