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I'm straight but really involved in gay rights. I work for a local high school (doing tech stuff of course) and have been wearing this on and off for about 2 months. It just seemed like a bit more sincere of a statement than wearing a purple shirt once a year. If I can help some kid to feel better about themselves by just wearing a bracelet, then I think that I should.

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It's an interesting contradiction, but I might point out two things: first that the people greenlighting the films you're referring to do so for financial reasons, not ideological reasons. Second, to paraphrase Tim Robbins, it is a myth to think that Hollywood is "liberal" at all; the subtext of every action film is that you often need to fight to get your way-- and fighting can be awesome.

One can judge the town by the product it produces and conclude that "pushing liberal values" is not a priority for Hollywood.