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Can confirm. I’m ANA to alcohol, via ingestion AND contact. Someone decided to be ‘helpful’ and whack hand sanitizer on me when I was in the grocery store, and it put me into anaphylaxis. Last thing I want to do is be in a hospital unable to breathe right now.

So, yeah. Dumbest allergy ever. Have to be careful with everything from the accelerant used in inhalers to making sure my boyfriend brushes his teeth really well (and washes his lower face) before kissing me if he’s been drinking.

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The worse the allergy has gotten, the more restrictive things have become. No bars on St Paddy’s Day, only go to concerts with friends I trust well enough to stab me in the thigh with an epi-pen. Warily avoiding certain foods in case people forget to tell me it’s made with a wine sauce (I know it’s meant to burn off during cooking, but there was this one time in a fancy restaurant that’s kind of made me paranoid).

No normal perfumes. Making sure the medical staff don’t automatically reach for alcohol prep pads. Reading every label of cleaning products. Searching for alcohol-free shampoos, skincare, and makeup.

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On the plus side, it’s the cheapest fake tan I’ve ever used lol

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I am taking a screenshot of this and sending it to my mother. You don’t know how many Thanksgiving arguments you just won *for me.

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As a farmer and a progressive, what is your take on decriminalized marijuana? Do you have plans to allow the sale in your state?

Are you supporting farmers who’d like to establish hemp crops?

Be that medical provisions like Maryland, or (nearly) open use like Colorado, are there any plans for KY to move forward with legislation?