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It's the same here! Where I grew up in Germany, we too have a river (Nidda) that would frequently flood the surrounding fields and the national socialists embanked it and "straightened" it so it wouldn't flood anymore.

If you ask old people in my village about Hitler, everyone would always say "Oh, it wasn't all bad under Hitler! He gave us work and bread, he built the Autobahn, and he straightened the Nidda!"

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I'm a white male from Germany and I find the title engaging. I am very interested in history and I've always wondered about the fate of POC in the Third Reich since it's not something that is ever discussed it seems (probably because there are so few primary sources?).

Speaking as someone with a non-US cultural background, I feel neither attacked not belittled by the title, nor do I feel like it's trying to be deliberately controversial. Just "adding my mustard"

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This is maybe not directly related to the Third Reich, but it definitely relates to the titular "white gaze." As a German native, I've noticed how ubiquitous the name "Mohren Apotheke" is for pharmacies in Germany.

I don't know if you can answer this question since it doesn't fall directly into your area of focus, but what was it about that name and the perception of POC in German society at the time that made this such a popular choice, and especially for pharmacies above all else? Did you come across anything in your research about German colonialism and the white gaze that might shed some light on this?

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Thank you! That's already more than I had hoped! Thanks for taking the time <3

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Oh, also, I'm really looking forward to the film! I hope you guys get a good deal and good distribution. All the best!