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Congratulations on beating it. Keep a close eye on it however, pancreatic cancer is a bitch.
Sad Story Ahead:
My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer in September 2017, they only found it because the tumor pushed up against a liver duct and she turned yellow. My mom was very stubborn and didn't want to do chemo (after seeing my Grandmother struggle through it for bone cancer) but decided to the Whipple Procedure in October 2017. -My mom liked to boast it was the closest thing to being an autopsy someone alive could go through- The surgery took most of her pancreas, her stomach, some of her intestines, and some other things within 6 inches of the tumor.
She was still losing weight after the surgery because going through something like that really changes your body, but she wasn't as sick as she was before. She started going to the gym, lost about 150lbs, was selling her handmade crafts. My mom had be doing okay again. November 15th 2018, she got the All Clear! No signs of cancer. But she kept telling me that she was feeling sick again like she had when the cancer was around.
December 24th, 2018 she goes into the ER because her legs are swelling, she can't move from the weakness, and she hasn't been able to eat. A week later. she gets a totally different sentence from the All Clear nearly a month before. "Your Pancreatic cancer is back, and it's metastatic to basically everything in your abdomen." The Doctor I spoke to didn't want to give her any kind of timeline, he kept urging her to just try chemo, even though a second opinion told her she was much too weak and it would kill her. Second opinion gave her Three Months to live, the Pancreatic cancer was aggressive and multiplying substantially.

My mom died a month after she went into the hospital, January 24th, 2019 at 1 in the morning.
It happened so fast. Always trust your gut (badumtis) instinct when it comes to your body.

Do you have friends and family who are a support for you?