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Kreia is imo the best video game character of all time. Nothing has ever beat her, she was so created so expertly and subverted basically everything you knew about the Jedi v Sith and the force up to that point. She did what George Lucas tried to do with the prequels, to show how the Jedi's teachings were stagnant/non-confrontational, and how this caused so many issues. And while her teachings weren't exactly healthy, she actually explained her viewpoint (which is something we didn't see much of before) and wasn't BAH HA HA evil about being a Sith. She was someone scorned, betrayed and basically pitted you against her enemies before betraying you. And even at the end, she loves you. Because all through her life she has kept that Jedi teaching that the force has a plan, and ultimately blames the force for what happened to her. And she sees you (the player) as the solution.

Plus it isn't all about morality and philosophy with her either. Don't forget, no matter who you choose as bae, she scolds you for it.

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Based on your research, when participants acted on sexual fantasies or desires, which ones typically best improved a relationship? Which ones typically harmed the relationship, if any?

I'd be interested to know if there is any research on how someone's general happiness is correlated to their exploration of sexual desires. Do more adventurous people find more happiness in their life? less? or is there no correlation?