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Related, but curious. If she was in full uniform and armed, I presumed she would have had her police radio with her which she could have used for police/medical assistance.

Did she not have a radio on her and thus called via phone?

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I think what you are saying is something far too many people are not well versed in. Everyone thinks its an insult if a charge isn't "1st degree murder" because they feel that is the most serious, from movies and tv.

Knowing the actual differences between crimes and charges is important. Especially in the age of mass social media, outrage and potential hysteria spreading based on more emotion than fact. Its moving towards being a sort of "civil responsibility" to know the basics of this when trial by media and the masses is becoming so casual. Its not just a jury anymore it seems.

It is frustrating to me when I see a DA go with 1st degree murder charge on something based on political/social pressure and you know they CANNOT get that conviction. They could have gotten another "lesser" charge and it would stick on appeal, the works. The sentencing can almost be the same (excluding death penalty states). I can think of a few recent cases locally where this has happened and it inevitably leads to outrage a few years later when a killer is found not guilty in a courtroom or their conviction is overturned on appeal. This is the opposite of justice being served.

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"Harry Potter water"

cough I see..

So it might actually be "Butterbeer"?

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Give the guy some credit. He said he isn't an expert on that topic.

I appreciate that sort of response. Especially to the currently top question in the AMA.

He didn't ignore it.

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I went to university with a very large biology program. Women made up ~80% of the core classes with hundreds of students each.

In the electives I took such as chemistry it was the reverse gender ratio.

When I did my masters in genetics there was one male out of 12.

Almost every single prof. was male.

Just an interesting anecdote from 20 years ago.