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I would find this akin to an accomplice of the murders... Involved in covering up a murder... At the least misprision of felony.

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It helps find "over valued" companies. Like Enron back in the day were cooking their books and reported earnings that weren't there to keep their stock prices up. Short sellers are saying "there's no way your company is actually worth that much" so they dig into Enron's books and spot the errors and unreported debts and things.

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Thankfully you seemed to have some good guardians. Not one of those psycho moms that pushes you to keep auditioning...

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With tax payer money no doubt... National emergency when Trump can't get his round of golf every few days.

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Wouldn't that be less of an impact on the then president, Barack Obama? Just telling people "OBL died in a drone strike", as opposed to the heroic covert-ops Seal Team Six story?