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We had a shipment of paper come in yesterday after having none for two days. We got two boxes of hand sanitizer a couple days ago, none for two weeks before that, and none since. Cow's milk hasn't been an issue, but anything fancy, nutmilk, organic, etc is coming in dribbles.

UPDATE: The paper that came in yesterday at 330 PM was sold out within hours. We're out again today.

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We have no idea. This is completely unprecedented. Our usual grocery load, not including specialty items (personal care or specialty products, just dry edibles and paper products) is 1000-3000 pieces (cases). We've been receiving half that or less. Our deliveries are four days behind now on top of that. We've come together and speculated that it would take a 20,000 piece load to restock our shelves to normalcy. Note this is JUST grocery. It doesn't include any other department such as dairy or frozen which are getting hit just as hard.

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Also don't try to get around item limits. We have a one/two item limit on certain products. Some people have doing what they can to get around them. Attempting to have each one of your elementary age children buy a 20 pack of Scott is not cool and we're on to you, Karen.

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Nothing sketchy. Employees have been grabbing a thing here or there at the beginning of their shift. One of our overnight guys bought four of the twelve bottles of hand sanitizer that came in and redistributed them to other employees.

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Steak and blow job day was last week.